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I am not a “Ghost Professor”

Updated: May 16, 2022

For the record, I will clearly state that I am not a “Ghost Professor.” For that matter, I’m not a “ghost investor,” or even a “ghost divorce financial planner.” A “Ghost Professor” is one of those new, pandemic inspired phrases that recently caught my attention. I’m not referring to Hogwarts and Harry Potter, or even a professional writing service for students who are in need of some of their own creativity and/or writing skills (I’m not joking, Google it). However, I have been known to ghost parties from time to time – who hasn’t? Instead, it refers to professors that are unconnected to their students.

“They're not teaching, you don't see them, they don't do Zoom, they don't have office hours,” said Santa Monica College political science student Jonnae Serrano. “I've had office hours where it's completely text — I'm texting my professor, and waiting for her to get back to me.”

An absence of connection and interaction are the prevalent themes among the students who described their experience with “ghost professors.” (1)

The pandemic forced me to adapt to Zoom classes and I’ve been pleasantly surprised. My students have been much more interactive than expected. In fact, I’ve found them to be even more engaged than they were with live classes.

In the worlds of investing and divorce, there are many critical, intense stages. I have followed the fiduciary standard of always putting the client before myself and my firm. I try my best with clients to always be professional, calm, and engaged. In other words, I am fully there for you. My business model is purposely designed to have fewer, deeper client relationships. This service aspect is wrapped up into the DNA of my business. These same values also apply to my classrooms.

If you have a “ghost” for an investment advisor, divorce financial planner, or professor, I highly recommend that you find someone else, quickly. We are here to calmly, professionally, and “unghostly” guide you to your goals.


(1) “College Students Ask: What’s Up With My 'Ghost Professor?'” Adolfo Guzman-Lopez, LAist, 6/17/21. Accessed 6/17/21.


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